Portugal Open IV Results

REPORT ON THE PORTUGAL IV OPEN CROQUET 2018 The Portuguese Croquet Federation organised  the Portugal Open IV Croquet Championship at Bela Romão Croquet Country Club hosted in  the presence of several players who have moved from various points of the World to the fourth edition of the Portugal Open, it was a fantastic event More [...]

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Portugal Golf Croquet Open 2017

Portugal 3rd Singles Open Golf Croquet 2017 Block A MT CB MB AA TZ MAC Mike Town  Christian Beitler  Miguel Bausa  Adriana Aguiar  Tom Zakariassen  Maria Asuncion Cardoso    Block B RM FS PH RF ME CFA Roar Michalsen  Fernando Soto  Peter Haydon  Ray Ferguson  Margot Ergstrom  Cesar Fernandez [...]

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