About Us

Lita Gale

Portuguese born and Croquet Club founder, Lita has dedicated her life enthusiastically developing Portugals 1st ever Croquet Federation. The land location was purchased in 2000 and work began in 2007, after committing more time in the Algarve from her busy London Solicitors firm, Lita Gale Solicitors and Wordpower Translations. “After all”, she is quoted, “Catherine de Braganza did more than refine the custom of tea drinking in England. After marrying King Charles II, and upon his return from Exile in France, they enjoyed greatly the game of “Palle Malle” and amongst other great feats Queen Catarina also enlightened her ranks of nobility in Portugal how to play Croquet…..and so we have completed the circle”. Lita continues to practice Law between the UK and Portugal while enjoying playing croquet while at BRCC.

Sarah Byrne

Born in the North of England and raised in San Francisco & NYC, where her culinary skills were developed. Graduating from The CIA – Culinary Institute of America, New York, she became submerged in the world of top US restaurant – Chez Panisse with Chef Alice Waters and the whole Slow Food movement in California. Living in the Bay Area of San Francisco Sarah hand picked her team for the USA “slow food” visit of HRH Prince Charles, personally serving the Royals throughout their week long visit. Sarah continued teaching at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, California and New York. Her food is wholesome, clean, fresh, rustic & flavourful, utilizing only the freshest of ingredients, sought out through local artisans and her home organic kitchen gardens.